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45sq m flat

how to use better every single inch

2 solutions to copy


mix di tendenze nell'homedecor


mix of kids'rooms and nurseries


eat healthy, move well

Turn each room in a luxury suite

Having a "Pinterest" home is possible with any budget

The difference is made by ideas, here you can find a lot of inspos 👇

A lot of ideas to furnish the living room or to put a personal touch

Inspire me

Creative bites to make up your room as a suite.

Inspire me


Who wants to have one?!? 🙋🏼 Making up our own is easier than expected.

Inspire me


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We find inspirational interns and collect ideas by color, style and timeless icons

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10 Ideas to Light Up with Bulbs

Bulbs are an hot trend on Pinterest galleries. And not only there. Since a couple of years they have been more and more popular, like a must-have for a home or a studio with a contemporary or industrial-chic style. Two iconic examples are Monkey lamp and Mouse lamp (the one …

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