Open Space: 6 ideas to define spaces

When you have an open space you can make the most of its potential with some make-up. We must bear in mind that the divisions serve to give character and strength to the volumes of our open space.

The divisions must be perceptive and not material, it is not a matter of constructing dividing walls, but of making the difference between one environment and another.


6 tricks to give the perception of differentiation

#1 Play With the Wall Finishes

  • Use wallpaper or a geometric stencil to characterize a wall and define the spaces of an open space
  • If the tones of the house are neutral you can give a shocking touch with a pop color
  • If space allows it, you can use full and empty spaces, created by a bookcase in tone, almost mimetic or obtained from plasterboard shelves of the same color of the wall; in this case, the protagonists will be lights and shadows
  • For a more material effect, the stone on the wall is an excellent choice and warms the environment

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#2 Use a Different Floor in the Kitchen

  • You can use different colors and materials; to maintain a balance in the open space better to choose a dominant color and play with different shades
  • Define a space with a different portion of the floor can be functional depending on the environment, for example by choosing to define the kitchen area

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#3 Combine Different Colors to Different Rooms or Corners of the House Depending on the Functions

  • Color as a common thread of the house can be a risky choice if not thought of
  • It is essential to have a color palette to follow
  • You can choose a color tone and declinate it in different shades, emphasizing the spaces, lights and shadows

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#4 Use a Peninsula in the Kitchen

  • Having an element that physically defines and separates, without removing the brightness to the room. That is an advantage
  • The peninsula adds support space in a work and aggregation environment like the kitchen
  • It can become the center of the room and the place where to meet family or friends

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#5 Choose a Corner Sofa

  • The choice of location it is fundamental
  • It can be a physical element of dividing the environment or defining the corners of the living room

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#6 Use Carpets as Dividers

  • The variety of products on the market makes the carpet an element suitable for all budgets and any style
  • Better if maxi to divide an open space
  • Ideal for the conversation area

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