Nursery: 5 key elements for any style

The 5 objects that can not miss in a nursery are a bed, a rug, an armchair or a seat, a storage unit and a mirror or wall panels. The 5 elements outline the basic areas for the “activities” of our baby. Sleeping, playing, eating, changing and discovery.

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Crib, Cot or Cradle

The cot is the sleeping space; obviously, it can not miss in the nursery. Better if without too many frills and decorations. The reason is not aesthetic, there are mobiles for every taste, style and quality. The motivation, according to Montessori guidelines, is that every space has its function and the bed is for sleeping, not for other distractions such as mobiles or toys. For those better to allocate another area.

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In the nursery a carpet is just fine. It must be soft and cozy. If you prefer cotton rugs, because they are more easily washable, it is better to put a pair one over the other. In addition to being a tactical move, it is a very interesting choice of style and allows you to play with colors and patterns, trendy and in line with the design of the room. The carpet is the place where our child can play and explore the space in complete safety.

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The armchair is the intimate area of the nursery. The thing I like best! When mom or dad are sitting on the armchair and cuddle their baby is a magical moment. The armchair is the area where the mother can breastfeed the baby in peace, out of the hustle and bustle of other rooms *, especially in the first months. Mom and dad as the puppy grows they will use the chair as a space for cuddling and reading. The child identifies this space as exclusive to the relationship with the parents and will himself/herself request time to spend with them.

* link to Tracy Hogg’s book

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Storage – Drawer or Bench

Necessary in a nursery is a container. Whether it is a chest of drawers or a wardrobe or a bench. The container is used to hide! Hide what? Disorder! Rule # 1 to have a dream home is to have it clean and tidy. Objects scattered around are ok, during the playing time, but then all in the bench/chest of drawers/wardrobe. Of course, of course … the chest of drawers is, above all, the place for our puppy’s clothes and accessories …

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Why should the mirror be a necessary piece in a nursery? When our baby begins to explore the world, he/she must also explore himself/herself. He doesn’t know himself and his body is a stranger. The mirror helps him to discover himself, to be familiar with himself, to know how he is made. In addition to the wall mirror, you can also insert little frames, prints and other things that help him/her to experience through the images.

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