Montessori Kids Bedroom : Basics

The Montessori approach is focused on giving our child the opportunity to be independent, to act and react in a self-confident way starting from preschool years. To encourage your baby to think and act independently the best way is to create and design a space that is suitable, comfortable for little ones’ stature and needs.

Each thing has its place. Kids love habits. To know where are their toys, clothes and all other stuff gives them self-confidence.

Each activity needs its own place. Tasks for babies are: eating, sleeping, activity, changing. For each one you need a place in your home. It doesn’t mean you need a castle, just dividing areas and adapt rooms for kid stature and needs will help.

Let’s see how to design a baby friendly room, suitable to be transformed and adapted for a toddler. Step-by-step.

From nursery to toddler’s room.

A baby-friendly space is safe for the baby to move and explore.


To decorate keep in mind the point of view of your little one. Just think about the way of looking at the room. So an important thing to do is to scale things down to give your child the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe space. If possible choose child-friendly furniture, floor bed, low  shelves, tiny chair and table an so on. There are cheap solutions, like Ikea furniture. They could be also creative hacks

Accessibility build self-confidence


With furniture and decor keep it simple. The better choice is to use neutral and soft colours, like grey, pastel pink or pale blue, soft green and pastel yellow and natural materials. The baby bedroom should be a relaxing place. .

Turning a nursery in a toddler’s room will be easy just adding high-contrast details and primary colours using accessories and decor.

Their room should be for little ones their comfort zone

Danger free

As you want to leave your little person exploring, learning and making experience independently, you must remove useless, handy or potentially reachable, dangerous things. Maybe is banal, but you can never imagine what is curious and worthy to explore for a baby. Remember that if a child see something on a high shelf, maybe partially hidden, his mission is to reach the top of the shelf and discover what treasure are there. From his/her point of view it is an adventure, a mystery to be solved.

So better if you let curious, funny, dangerous stuff away.  And return on points one and two. Keep it accessible. Keep it simple.

Sleeping area

For the bed is better to choose a floor bed.This is because when your baby gets her mobility skills and start moving independently, it’s easier  the approach to her bed. Sleeping is often a tricky moment for kids and following the Montessori approach will be easier to teach them that they are free to choose their own bed independently.This could sound strange but little ones feel great being part of the choice. They will be naturally  familiar with sleeping and napping. The traditional crib puts a limit on kids movement and leave them dependent on their parents. A floor bed leaves autonomy when your toddler decides to sleep. Just keep a safe place around. No handy dangerous things placed nearby.

The bed is the place where the little one should sleep, soooo no distractions. No tons of toys, no mobiles, no pictures, mirrors and anything could excite or agitate your baby.

For your little one the bed will be a relaxing place, where no activity needed will disturb his/her dreams.

Activity area

Mobiles are the first step of activity for babies. During the first months babies don’t see colors yet, so is better to use high contrast, geometric shapes. Black and white lines, triangles, circles. And maybe a glossy (or glass) sphere. Hanging those elements a base fixed to the ceiling.

During months mobiles can change, becoming colorful and more attractive to the growing baby.

Making your own diy mobiles could be a funny way to spend family time. Mama and Dada and elder brothers if present.

Growing, your little one start to be fascinated by faces and expressions. The best way to learn emotion is to read facial expressions. An idea is to place a mirror in the nursery. It gives your baby the opportunity to make consciousness of herself. Your little one will discover all his/her body, not only face. Who has already a baby (or a nephew or niece or has a friend with kids) has ever noticed that they smile themselves looking in the mirror? The fun fact is that until about 18 months most babies don’t really recognize that it is their own bodies they see in the mirror. Babies just love faces and in the mirror they find another little person looking at them. Just socializing. That’s funny, but meanwhile they are learning.

As we said accessibility is the key to a relaxing place. Little ones feel confident and explore their world. Why not to put a library, scaled to their stature, plenty of books they can choose and touch and watch and turn and everything the want to do with them?! Creative uses are allowed. In my opinion, there is no book not adapt for a certain age, a child is not too old or too young to explore with books. Your little one will find his/her right way to manage independently them.

Finally floor storages. Everything has its place. If you organize your toddler’s toys, clothes and stuff, your little person will be able to make choices independently. With a Montessori approach you are stimulating his/her autonomy. To give him/her the opportunity to choose is an important step of growth. Storages scaled down, placed on floor or on low shelves are a possibility.

Your little one will be self confident and proud. Those are soft skills that you build gradually.

Your little one will be self confident and proud. Those are soft skills that you build gradually.

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