YOGA ESSENTIALS: The Indispensable 2

Practicing yoga at home is a practice that needs a few things. There are two “Indispensable“: Yoga mat and goodwill.

The yoga mat is essential because increases the grip between hands, feet and floor. It is important to do the poses in the right way. It should be taken for granted, but it is not always.

The first time I practiced yoga I hadn’t a proper yoga mat and I used a fitness one, without caring about differences. Quite the opposite, there are differences! Practicing on a wrong mat is exhausting. Slipping, especially at the beginnings, is demoralizing. Why is so important to have the right tools? It is important to keep the focus on the poses and on breathing without distractions.

When I started practicing yoga I hadn’t a yoga mat, with the proper mat it is another story.

Having a comfortable and suitable space improve your concentration and your practice, as a result.

Better practicing directly on the floor instead of the wrong mat

If you don’t have a mat, you can do yoga on the floor (if it is not too cold, it is not annoying, obviously). The goal is to have bond and traction between the surface and hands and feet.

Yoga set: 3 alternatives for any budget

Basic set, with style (~100€)

If you recently started doing yoga and you are interested in carrying on, this shopping list is a base for your first purchase.

kit yoga 111euro

Ocean Breeze Yoga Mat 59€

Cork Yoga Block 2x 16€

Wheel 21.5€

Belt 14€

Set yoga pro (~200€)

The second option is a shopping list for who as a higher budget.

kit yoga 192

Sea Star Pro Yoga Mat 125€

Cork Yoga Block 2x 32€

Wheel 35€

Belt 12€

If you want stylish equipment, if you choose to go on with practice and you’d like to go beyond beginner level or simply you want to feel professional (like “fake it till you become it”), this is the shopping list for you.

It doesn’t exceed 200€ and there is a good selection of colors and patterns. My choice is in this kinda rock mood board. I find it is sooo stylish and, to say it all, it is my favorite.

[all the items are branded Yoga Design  Lab ]

The compromise (<200€)

Infinity Yoga Mat 88€

Cork Yoga Block 2x 14€

Wheel 58€

Belt 18€

These proposals are ideas to create your own yoga corner at home, with an enjoyable design. Remember that the most important thing to practice and get better is willingness, followed by consistency, presence and patience.


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Cover Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

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